This Audio/Visual Home Study course is being offered from the 2023 Preventing Relapse Symposium, designed for anyone interested in learning more about Relapse Prevention methods including professional treatment such as counselors, therapists, case managers, and program executives, as well as individuals in personal recovery with the goals of enhancing clinical techniques across all levels of care with proven and practical applications of The Gorski-CENAPS Model of Recovery and Relapse Prevention. It affords you the opportunity of completing the course at your own pace. The cost of this course is $29.00. Participants will earn 1 Continuing Education credit hour upon successful completion of this 60-minute course. 



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Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this homestudy course, the participant will be able to:

  • To raise the level of awareness of Post Incarceration Syndrome and Institutionalized Personality Syndrome.

  • Understanding specific treatment strategies that work and those that don’t work with clients.

  • A greater level of understanding regarding the Realities of Human Confinement and its impact over time.

  • Gaining more insight as to the challenges facing these clients prior to and after release from custody.

  • Understanding the need for a higher level of confrontation and accountability with clients.

  • Understanding the need for relapse prevention plans.

Course Description


In our endeavor to provide adequate treatment models to in-custody and formerly incarcerated individuals, it because necessary to consider Active Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And to become more aware of the impact of trauma prior to incarceration, and the day-to-day trauma imposed by the reality of human confinement. The Gorski-CENAPS Model of Recovery and Relapse Prevention is applicable to behavior and substance use disorder. Gorski’s Model reinforces prosocial thinking and provides a road map tailored to the individual to stay in and benefit from the parallel process. We will explore how mandated/in custody client require special concentration on specific treatment strategies that work and those that don’t work when confronted with resistance, denial, minimization, and anger; suggest other approaches and strategies that specifically address issues.  

Course curriculum

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About this course

  • $29.00
  • 1 CE Credit Hour
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Instructor Al Sasser

Al Sasser, CADAC-II, NAADAC-I, SAP, ACRPS My name is Al Sasser, I was born in South-Central Los Angeles, California. I am an alumnus of “The 50” Offender Mentor Certification Program (OMCP). I am formerly incarcerated. After serving 31 years of incarceration, I returned to prison to provide treatment and give hope. In my current role as an OMCP Internship Supervisor, I’m training incarcerated individuals to become state certified SUD counselors. I rediscovered the power of WORDS, began writing poetry and short stories and I am a solo performer, at the end of completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at SFSU.

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